Volume Discounts

You qualify for the following discount rates when you order larger amounts. The reduction is applied to the value of your entire order excluding the shipping cost

Order Value
£25.00 - £49.99
£50.00 - £99.99
£100.00 - £199.99
£200.00 - £499.99
Over £500.00

We may be able to supply leaf sizes, colours, pack sizes other than those normally stocked: please contact us about your special requirements.

If you are looking to purchase very large volumes, please contact us to talk about wholesale rates.


Coupon Codes

If you have received a coupon code in promotional material, you may use it at any time during the period of validity. Usually our coupon codes are unlimited use meaning you can use as often as you like.

Only one coupon code can be used in an order.


Using a Coupon Code while Qualifying for a Volume Discount

You may receive only one reduction per order. It may be either for a coupon code or for a volume discount. Entering a valid coupon code will automatically cancel any volume discount that was previously calculated.

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