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Make Your Own Bodhi Leaf Bowl

Finished Bodhi Leaf Bowl

Skeleton leaves are the perfect craft medium, colourful, versatile and intricate. Hopefully this brief tutorial will inspire you to make your very own skeleton leaf creation. For my red Bodhi leaf bowl I used about 30 red Bodhi leaves, 6cm (2.5″) size from Skeleton Leaf – Just The Leaves,  but you can make yours with any…

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Why Not Make a Custom Order?

Custom Orders

What is a Custom Order? Mostly, Skeleton Leaf customers order existing stock items from stock which we hold in the UK. However, Skeleton Leaf also provides a custom order service allowing you to make custom orders. What might your special requirements be? Perhaps you need certain leaves in higher quantities than those we have in…

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Buddhas and Bodhis

Buddhas and Bodhis - Wat Pan Tao

See All Blog Posts Bodhi Trees in Thai Temples When you first arrive in Thailand, the prevalence of Buddhist temples, known in Thai as Wats is striking. They are everywhere from the tops of mountains to tiny villages to large cities. In Chiang Mai for example, there are more than 300 Wats most of which…

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