Making skeleton leaves or ghost leaves from natural leaves is a special process removing the fleshy parts and leaving only the rib structure of the leaf. The leaves supplied by Skeleton Leaf - Just The Leaves are grown and processed in Thailand.
The leaves are collected fresh from the tree. Depending on the type, they may need to be pressed by placing between two flat surfaces, adding weights to the upper surface and leaving for several weeks in a dry, undisturbed place.
The pressed leaves are then placed in a solution of bicarbonate of soda (though different manufacturers have their own carefully guarded secret recipes).
After a few days the flesh turns to pulp. Some manufacturers may heat the leaves to speed up the process.
The leaves are then removed from the solution and rinsed in cold water.
The pulp is gently removed with a brush and the leaf is allowed to dry out.
The leaves are sorted into sizes. They can be dyed at a later stage.

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