Whole Lotta Christmas Leaves

We know you love our mixed packs of leaves that we have put together for you, such as our whole lotta leaves and shades of brown. We are now delighted to be able to introduce four new seasonal mixed packs to our range.

  1. Whole Lotta Christmas Leaves Red, green, silver and gold are traditional colours of Christmas and this new mixed selection packs them all in. With both rubber tree and bodhi leaves in a variety of sizes this will give you plenty of options for you Christmas crafting. Available in packs of 100 or 200.
  2. Little Leaves This pack is made up of skeleton leaves that are smaller than 4cm long in our full range of colours. They are perfect for card-making and collaging as they have a delicate appearance whilst retaining sufficient strength to be incorporated into stunning designs. You can buy the little leaves selection in either packs of 100 or 200 - just the thing for winter craft projects.
  3. Autumn Colours Still working on your fall art projects? Then this is the pack for you. It includes different sizes of rubber tree leaves from 4cm up to 15cm in a range of autumn/fall colours. You will find yellow, orange, brown and red leaves in this autumn colours mix - everything you need for your autumn crafting. Choose from packs of 100 or 200. If you are needing some inspiration, read how to make and autumn wreath here. Planning an autumn wedding? Check out this stunning autumn themed wedding fair.
  4. Whole Lotta Natural Leaves These mixed packs of leaves keep it simple: just one colour, but in a range of sizes and shapes. You will get rubber tree leaves from 4cm to 15cm and bodhi leaves in 6cm and 10cm. Natural leaves give you a blank canvas, you can dye them the colour you want or you can paint on them. They look stunning on a dark background and fit in perfetly with rustic wedding themes. The only limit is your imagination.
Little Leaves Selection
Whole lotta natural leaves
Autumn Leaves Mixed Pack