About Skeleton Leaf

Skeleton Leaf - Just The Leaves supplies highly attractive and decorative leaves generally known as skeleton leaves. They are real leaves which have been harvested and processed by hand to a high standard in Thailand. We started trading in our present form in 2010 and are UK owned.

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We aim to enhance the quality of people's lives with beautiful and inspiring products made from the best quality materials. We also aim to help provide employment for less fortunate people in a developing country.

We practise the fundamental principles of fair trade. We work closely with our partners in Thailand to encourage good working conditions and fair rates of pay. Respect for the environment and for local customs are also very important to us.

Skeleton Leaf - Just The Leaves has established very close connections with some excellent small family-run businesses in Thailand. Hence we can offer you unparalleled access to new and exciting products as well as the option of customising products to your own special requirements.

The team consists of Mike who is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Peter of Red Kite Services who lives in Scotland in the UK. Peter maintains our UK stocks of leaves and dispatches most of the orders from there.




"I hope you enjoyed your visit to Skeleton Leaf - Just The Leaves" - Mike (Mike speaks fluent Thai and spends most of the year doing business in Thailand - if you have an interest in sourcing skeleton leaves or any other hand-made products from Thailand, please contact us.)

Our skeleton leaves come from 2 different types of tree

Para Rubber Tree


Skeleton leaves from the para rubber tree are long slender leaves available in sizes from 4cm (1.5 inches) up to 25cm (10 inches)

The Bodhi Tree


Skeleton Leaves from the bodhi tree are rounder almost heart shaped leaves with a "spike" at the top (don't worry they aren't sharp). These are available in sizes from 6cm (2.5 inches) up to 15cm (6 inches).

Click here for more information about the trees our skeleton leaves come from.

You can choose from 3 different skeleton leaf finishes

New Developments

Here at Skeleton Leaf we are always looking at new products and new ways to use the leaves. We are always very interested to hear from you so please let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Take at a look at our newest products using the links below:

We have also extended our Subtle Shades range to include Bodhi Tree Skeleton leaves for the first time.

Bodhi Leaves Warm Shades of Brown are now available

We have also added a new range of Rubber Tree Leaves that we've called colour palettes as they each contain 4 complementary colours.

There are 5 products in our colour palettes range so you can choose a pack of coordinated colours for your project.

Wine Palette - Burgundy, Red, Rose & White

Warm Palette - Red, Yellow, Brown & Orange.

Spring Palette - Yellow Spring Green, Blue & Forest Green.

Gothic Palette - Purple, Red, White & Black.

Cool Palette - Silver, Blue, Ivory & Turquoise


How to use the Leaves

The leaves look very delicate and are valued for their beauty. They are actually quite tough and can be used in many different ways.


Scrap booking

Table decorations

In floral arrangements

Greeting card designs

Art projects

For interior design projects


Gift tags


One way to enjoy the leaves is to simply throw them up in the air and watch them float to the floor. This method is very ably demonstrated by Peter and Sam who mail the leaves from their office in York.

Skeleton Leaf creative ideas
Autumn Skeleton Leaves Selection for sale
Beautiful skeleton leaves