Buddhas and Bodhis - Wat Pan Tao

Buddhas and Bodhis

By Mike Lyth | January 17, 2019

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The Trees

By Peter Lyth | September 5, 2018

Bodhi trees can be found in Buddhist temples all over Thailand. Some of them are enormous and very beautiful with huge tree size branches shooting off horizontally. The oldest Bodhi tree in Thailand, the Prachin Bodhi at Prachin Buri is now 1100 years old. The original Bodhi tree was the tree at Bodh Gaya under…

Bodhi Tree leaves

Skeleton Leaves add Beauty

By Peter Lyth | August 30, 2018

Skeleton Leaves add Beauty There are so many creative possibilities with our large range of delicate, beautiful skeleton leaves. Our customers are always surprising us with their amazing ideas and they use the leaves in ways we could never even have imagined. Why not have a go yourself and purchase some of our leaves. Even…

Rainbow Skeleton Leaf Selection for sale

The Rainbow Skeleton Leaves pack

By Peter Lyth | June 1, 2018

See All Blog Posts The Rainbow Skeleton Leaves pack The Rainbow skeleton leaves pack is the latest addition to our growing list of beautiful skeleton leaf products. At skeleton leaf we are always looking to bring out new products for our customers to enjoy and purchase. The rainbow skeleton leaves pack contains 150 para rubber tree leaves and…

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